Writer and educator based in New England. MFA in creative and professional writing. His novel The Staff is available through Amazon. / www.RonSamul.org

Whether it’s Punch Out or Sekiro, video games continue to present unique and compelling “battle of wills” moments

I grew up with video games, but not Halo or Red Dead Redemption. I grew up with Atari’s Adventure, Pitfall, and then into NES games like Top Gun and Tecmo Bowl. But the one game that put me on the path to Zen and the Art of Video Games was…

I’ve been rejected from every type of writing professional possible. Agents, beta-readers, publishers, contests, magazines, blogs, awards, fellowships, graduate programs, friends, mentors, and readers. Do not give up!

Writing is creative and artistic. But as soon as you package something with a cover letter and send it out for someone…

Ron Samul, MFA

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